49 Syracuse St.
Baldwinsville, NY 13027

(315) 635-3977


Dear Friends,

Catholic schools have long been recognized for their high standards and academic excellence.  We at St. Mary's take the commitment to our students seriously.  Our nurturing school is a terrific place for your children to learn not only academically, but spiritually.

There have been many changes at St. Mary's over the years, but our central focus and mission have remained the same - to educate our children with skills so that they may be successful, productive members of society.

Our school provides a sound academic and religious education in a faith-filled environment.  We pride ourselves on our dedicated faculty and staff, and supportive and generous parents.

As Principal of St. Mary's Academy, I am proud to be the leader of this fine institution.  With my leadership and vision AND the support of teachers,  parents,  students and the community, I am confident that St. Mary's Academy will continue to grow.

Renae A. Henderson, Principal