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Kindergarten Program


Kindergarten Readiness


Our Kindergarten program is the foundation of education. The Kindergarten program provides opportunities for social, emotional, spiritual and physical development. The children are encouraged to express themselves through prayer, music, art, storytelling and dramatic play. Our primary goal is to provide a nurturing, stimulating academic environment designed to meet the needs of all students. Within that structure, we strive to develop a positive working relationship among parents, students and staff.

Requirements to be enrolled in our Kindergarten program are:

  • student must reach the age of 5 by December 1st of the enrollment year
  • have successfully completed our Kindergarten Screening


Kindergarten Goals -

We seek to develop:

  • Sound Christian Values
  • Positive Self-Concept
  • Interest in Learning
  • Communication Skills
  • Problem-Solving Abilities
  • Creative Thinking


Kindergarten Objectives -

The Kindergarten program at St. Mary's Academy is strongly academic in nature, focusing on the social-emotional, intellectual, and moral development of our students. The following provides a glimpse into my objectives for the year:

Primary emphasis is on providing an atmosphere where the children will develop a positive attitude about themselves and their relationship with others.

Reading: We will be using a new Reading series this year, but as always emphasis will be on a phonetic approach that stresses identification of upper and lower case letters, beginning and ending sounds, rhyming words, sight vocabulary, comprehension, and exposure to good quality literature.

Math: The children will work extensively with manipulatives, often in small groups situations. Our goal is to recognize and write numerals and sets of 0-20, estimate, create and extend patterns, rote count by 1's, 2's, 5's, and 10's to 100, identify coins and their value, tell time to the hour and 1/2 hour, make comparisons, utilize different standards of measurement, categorize, complete simple graphs, recognize 1/2 and 1/4, and use problem solving in addition and subtraction.

Religion: Curriculum is based on the study of Old and New Testament stories, memorization of prayers, observation of holy days and feast days, participation in monthly liturgy and simple prayer services.

Social Studies: Lessons revolve around self-concept, families, communities, transportation, holidays, and seasons.

Science: Units of study include the world in which we live, our bodies, personal safety, the five senses, fire safety, weather, living and non-living things, and simple machines.

Writing: The children will be expected to form upper and lower case letters within given parameters, copy sight vocabulary and short poems, and engage in some creative writing.

The children participate in weekly classes in Computer, Library, Art, Gym and Music.


Daily Schedule Sample -

  • Morning Exercises (attendance, prayer, Pledge of Allegiance, calendar work, songs)
  • Math
  • Language Arts/Printing
  • Snack
  • Reading/Phonics
  • Lunch
  • Rest time
  • Religion
  • Playtime
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Computer*
  • Library*
  • Music*
  • Art*
  • Gym**


* These classes are taken once a week.

** This class is taken twice a week.